I am an artist working with tape, based in Berlin.

My art works, installations and murals can be found in galleries, exhibitions, street art events and festivals around the world.

To develop new room experiences through tape and interact with the given space is what fascinate me. I create unique artistic concepts in order to reshape interior and exterior spaces.

CITY LIGHTS, Artwork, City Lights, Tape art by Atau
COLLISON, Artwork, Tape art, Berlin, Tape art convention
LIT, Tape art, Taipei
ECLIPSE, Tape art, Berlin, Higashikawa
BROTHERS, Tape art, Ushimado
DASMO, Tape art, Sculpture, Tokyo
LIMIT, Tape Art, Tokyo
MILKY WAY, Tape art, Düsseldorf
UNIT, Tape art, London
FADE, Tape Art, France, Goethe Institut
FADE, Tape Art, France, Goethe Institut
CLUSTER, Tape art, Berlin, Dixons, Xi Design
PLANETSTORM, Tape art, Kosovo
STRANGE CLOUDS, Tape art, Kosovo
INTERFACTION HUMBOLDTFORUM, Tape art, Berlin, Humboldtforum
INTERFACTION HUMBOLDTFORUM, Tape art, Berlin, Humboldtforum
INTERFACTION HUMBOLDTFORUM, Tape art, Berlin, Humboldtforum
LEMON TASTE, Tape art, Berlin
LEMON TASTE, Tape art, Berlin
ARCH, Tape art, Berlin
ARCH, Tape art, Berlin
ZLABS, Tape art, Berlin
Lolea, Tape art, Berlin, Pop up store, Schaufenstergestaltung
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In my artistic approach I experiment with the medium tape and question its basic principles: through cuts and omissions, I dissolve straight lines, integrate circular shapes, leave gaps through which the materiality of the surface becomes visible as a further level. 

Color overlaps and offsets create gradients that, depending on the position of the spectator, decompose the lines when viewed.

My point of departure are often structures and grids into which I zoom in and out with great detail: urban networks, image elements such as pixels, nervous systems connecting with each other. 

I often work intuitively and without a template. 

My artworks and installations are created organically. 

I am fascinated by making decisions during the creative 

process that influence my artistic outcome.


Koloniestraße 29 | 13359 Berlin

+49 152 24 11 68 29





Tape Art works intuitively. It's a perfect way to try out new things artistically. No pressure, you can always remove the tape, you basically can't make any mistakes.


As a team you can book a session.

Tape a collaborative artwork.

Discover your unknown skills and create a unique piece of art together with your colleagues.


Once a month I teach tape art at the Tape Art Academy in Berlin.

Everyone is welcome to participate

and learn everything you need to know to create your own tape artwork. 

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