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"The Four Musketeers" is a series commissioned by the law firm Baker McKenzie for their 60th anniversary in Germany.
The artwork consists of four parts representing the four locations of the company in Germany: Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf. The number 60 can only be seen when all four parts of the artwork are installed as a tableau.


"The Four Musketeers" has confronted me with some exciting challenges. It is the largest artwork on wooden panels which I have created so far. Conception and implementation has taken 12 days (about 150 hours). The artwork consists of four pieces, each with a dimension of 200 x 90 cm. Put together it measures 405 x 185 cm.

R1-03558-0020 Kopie 3.jpg
R1-03558-0020 Kopie 2.jpg
R1-03558-0023 Kopie.jpg

I enjoy immersing myself in my artworks and always facing new creative challenges. For "The Four Musketeers" I experimented with acrylic glass. What fascinates me about this medium is the possibility to create relief-like structures.

R1-03558-0020 Kopie 8.jpg
R1-03558-0022 Kopie.jpg


Artwork series

Baker McKenzie / Staedel Museum

Washi tape, foil and

acrylic glas on wooden panels

405 x 185cm (4x 200 x 90cm)

Berlin & Frankfurt, Germany 2022

Photos & Videos by: Gusztáv Hámos


Special thanks to:

Gusztáv Hámos

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