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The Herzblut Installation is the first Project that I have realized under my own label: Tape art by Atau. It took 20 days (approx. 200 hours) to complete. The Berlin start-up Hanfgeflüster asked me to design the reception area of their new office in Berlin Kreuzberg. Inspired by art from the hippie movement and artists like Heinz Edelmann, the illustrator of the Beatle film Yellow Submarine, I created a Digital Artwork (4096 x 1714px) to develop a unique style for this project.

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Tape Art
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In the course of the 3 weeks that I worked on the installation, I constantly developed the style. The installation consists of a main motif which is connected to another motif on the opposite wall via a wide strip that runs across the ceiling. I was fascinated by the idea of creating 4 artworks which thematically take up the forms and color language of the installation. The Herzblut series is presented in the left corner of the room. What is so special about this project? 

I worked without time pressure and had the freedom to interact with the space. From the first draft and during the artistic process the artwork expanded into an installation.

Tape Art



The Herzblut series includes four artworks which are based on the shape and color of the Herzblut installation. Strong contrasts between bright colored gradients and black checkerboard patterns. Thematically, the artwork deals with my artistic development. I created an expanded room installation and let it merge with the aesthetics of a gallery.

IMG_0334 Kopie.jpg
Tape Art
7_CALM Kopie 2.jpg
8_SCHWARZ_ZU_BLAU Kopie 2.jpg
6_AHEAD_OF_THE_CURVE Kopie 2.jpg
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Washi tape

Berlin, Germany, 2021

Photos & Videos by: escapismist

Sponsored by: mt masking tape


Special thanks to:

Gusztáv Hámos, Katja Pratschke,

Matheo Romahn, Alina Kohl

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