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What fascinates you about creating spatial art?

Boundaries and crossing them is something that has always 

interested me.

For me, art that is bounded by a frame is like a window that allows a limited glimpse into another world. The artist decides what he/ she wants to show. Anything beyond that is not visible to the viewer. What fascinates me is to climb through this window and think of the 

artwork in a 3-dimensional way. When I create a room installation, I have the opportunity to create a work of art that the viewer can enter. The artwork changes depending on the position of the viewer.

It can be explored and discovered. Every room I design is unique. I love playing with spaces, reacting to them or consciously working against them.

Tape Art
NBD2 Kopie.jpg
Tape Art
Tape Art



Cell is an anamorphic installation, which means that the circle can only be perceived as a perfect round circle from a certain angle.

From any other perspective it appears distorted. The spectator is invited to look for the point in space where the circle stands like a 3-dimensional object in space.



I often have the feeling that my art only has value when I have suffered to create it. With all the large installations I have done so far, I have gone beyond my own physical and mental limits. Art is something very personal for me. I consciously align my projects in such a way that they present me with challenges.

For me, going beyond my own limits means growing as a person and as an artist.

Tape Art
Tape Art
P1477637 Kopie 4.jpg



Good Spaces Steamwork

Washi tape, fabric tape, foil

Karlsruhe, Germany, 2022

Photos & Videos by: escapismist


Special thanks to:

Dominic Hammer, Manja Gabriel,

Dirk Schwartz, Birk Bauer

Louisa Ziegler

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