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In July 2022, I created the installation "Platte" in the studio of the artist Samy Deluxe.


I designed the installation so that the structure draws the viewer into the space of the studio. "Platte" consists of two parts. The first part is an artwork (100 x 60 x 3,5 cm) where I applied tape to a wooden panel. The panel hangs in the middle of the installation. The second part of the installation consists of a black structure combined with colorful tape stripes all pointing towards the center of the Artwork.


The artwork is meant to show how much energy goes into creating music and visual art.

The finished track or artwork is only a fraction. What the audience cannot see or hear is the persistent work and the countless attempts that lead to the final result.

Tape Art
15_PLATTE Kopie 10.jpg
15_PLATTE Kopie 9.jpg
21_ISLAND Kopie 8.jpg


Artwork & Installation

Samy Deluxe Studio (KunstWerkStadt)

Washi tape, foil, resin finish

Wooden panel 100 x 60cm

Hamburg, Germany, 2022

Special thanks to:

Frederike Storck

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